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About The Project

The Concept, The Client &

The Challenge

PetClubIndia was a website which was in existence for years. On their previous website, the customer journey was not clear. What did PetClubIndia want the user to do ? Buy ? Register ? Post an Ad…Oh ! and the Clutter.. it was like every area filled with something…
After brainstorming with the iMyDigital team, we came up with a simple concept. To generate revenue and have clarity on the user journey we had to make the website into an e-commerce store.
With 1700 products with almost 3 different variants to Each Product, creating filters attributed was another challenge. Hence we created a master spreadsheet, classified all the categories, filters, and attributes. Focussed on the fast moving and high margin products as showcase banners and home page products.
Another key area to focus was “The Blog”. Pet lovers love to read about caring, tips, diseases, what breed to buy etc..hence to create a platform for inbound marketing – Pet Selector, Pet Blogs were created on the website.
About The Project

«The biggest challenge was making a website that’s functionality and trends The biggest challenge was to make it clear for a user to understand what is Pet Club India . The user journey was not defined with all the clutter in the previous website. The code was “Declutter“.»

About The Project

The Result: A Beautiful

Pet Products website with intuitive and mobile-friendly functionality.

Super quick load time, responsive on mobile and easy to navigate was our mantra. Users could select products based on Breed, Dog Size, Size / Weight of Product, Brand of products and other multi attributes to assist a user in buying what they are looking for.

About The Project

Beautiful, Functional &


Beautiful, Functional & Responsive
The banners were clean, neat and had a definite call to actions. The website was mobile friendly and looked actually better on the mobile. There were an element of white spaces left everywhere on the site to enable clear distraction of pet products and a sense a “clean and neat.“
The banners and look and feel have a high quality of aesthetics around it. From the contrasting colors to the spacing and font.
About The Project

Functional & Informative

PetClubIndia was not just about products. One could also go to the Breed selector, select a breed based on various attributes / lifestyle an preferences and finally conclude what breed would suit the user. In a very subtle way PetClubIndia also displayed the products most suited for that breed. “ A subtle way of selling products online” is what they called it….

About The Project

«After a lot of research and a lot of pixel-perfect design, we came up with this website – modern, intuitive, clean and simple..»