The Client

Why Another Contest ?

With the Bed Giveaway getting great traction, reach and brand recognition, the SlumberZone leadership team was convinced with the idea of contests. But learning from the last contests, they wanted to improvise. They wanted more activity on the Facebook page. The last contest got a lot of contestants but the Facebook page did not speak much about the numbers enrolled. So, this time, they wanted to paint their Facebook page with the contest. Another challenge was they did not wish to spend too much on the Giveaway.. so decided to give 2 Silk Pillows

The Idea

What iMyDigital Came Up With ?

2 silks pillows on offer ! 

How do you get people to Like your page, enter a contest for 2 silks pillows ? How do you get more action than a bed giveaway contest ?

To get more action on the Facebook page, our think tanks came up with “Caption the Photo Contest”. Since SlumberZone sold Beds and NZelanders’s love adventure and water sports, we thought of combining the two. So a ‘Bed on a Beach’ and ‘2 Surfers Jumping on it ‘…was the photo to caption….the iMyDigital team went all out with the Caption the photo idea…

The Teaser

Silk Pillows to Pamper You…

Before we put the photo up, we came up some teasers and creatives of another contest coming soon. 2 Silk pillows from Slumberzone to pamper you. The build up got the great attention of Facebook and Instagram followers on Facebook. People were rearing to enroll in the contest . Questions, Notifications, messages all about the contest poured in before the start.

The Start

Let the games begin…

As soon as the creative for “ Caption the photo contest” was put up on the Facebook page, the captions started to pour in. Endless notifications of new captions were buzzing with our Facebook managers mobile…Facebook page, the captions started to pour in. Endless notifications of new captions were buzzing with our Facebook managers mobile…

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  • Page Summary – Silk Pillows
  • Net Likes – Silk Pillows
The Extension

Some generosity..…

Seeing the great response the contest was extended by another week.….the post declaring the extension itself got great engagement and action for the SlumberZone brand. Learning how well the video shoot did for the Bed Giveaway content, we decided to repeat  “The Right Things” again. The result was announced on a video.

Results and Analytics

And the Winner is..…

Guess what – the results, engagement, and analytics on the Pillow giveaway contest surpassed the Bed Giveaway contest held last quarter.

35K+ Reach

2000+ Post Clicks

400+ Comments

The contest had painted the Facebook page with some numbers…