The Client

What The Brand Needed

SlumberZone – New Zealand’s third largest Bed Manufacturer makes high quality, comfortable and luxury beds.However they lack in Brandwidth across the country. Using Facebook and Social media the client wished to build a community of followers for Slumberzone ( All organic).They wished to target an audience from 35 – 60 years , cash rich  ( especially in Farming and Agro Industry) within NZ.

The Challenge

What We Did

Their competitors in terms of both online and offline marketing and advertisement were leaps ahead. Building a brand following in  time frame of 3 months is Daunting. The iMyDigital thought , drank endless coffee, spent endless hours and came up with a Bed Giveaway contest

Based on some research and hypothesis – Giveaway contents do wonders in New Zealand and Australia . So we decided to come up with a giveaway contest. The contest would bring enough traction on the Social media accounts, create a buzz within the existing community and Domino effect on reach would follow.


First Step

Brainstorming & Conceptualising

The think tanks of SLumberZone and iMyDigital sat down to create the contest. From framing simple yet Sleep and Slumber related questions to Design , Landing pages to  the Giveaway Bed to the process of announcing the result – we  came up with a step by step plan.

Second Step

Contest Process

The process was  simple. Like the Facebook page, Answer a simple question on Sleep and enter the contest. The contest was Geo targeted within NZ and with specific audience with interests related to #Luxury #Sleep #Beds #Online-shopping #Furniture.

  • Back Supporters – slumberzone
  • Back Supporters – slumberzone
  • Back Supporters – slumberzone
Third Step

Video Shoot and Results

Before a few days we sent a few taser posts on Facebook cross shared across other channels and built up the suspense. In the end the result was announced by a Lucky draw for all those who were eligible to Win. The Video View Count Just Did not stop.

Fourth Step

Analytics and Outcome

Well the Results video itself had a reach of 19000+ people with 6200 videos in less than a week. The Organic Likes count for SlumberZone went upto 4947 with 947 likes within 1 week ( ALL ORGANIC) . The number of contestants were 1500+ with a contest reach of 32, 350 within New Zealand.

We got a happy winner ! and some Big Smiles with the SlumberZone leadership team. The SlumberZone management decided to have another similar content a few months down the line for Pillows ( with iMyDigital managing it off course !)