About The Project

The Concept, The Client &

The Challenge

Sonalika tractors under the brand name of Solisworld.com are India’s leading tractor manufacturer. Over the last 5 years their global sales were zooming through the roof. However their brand presence especially online did not sync up with their actual field sales and market presence. To install a confidence in the product for global distributors, woo new distributors and improve the look and feel of the website a world class website was required.

While other companies from the Western World has great product photo shoots, content and media and had been spending on Digital for ages. Catching up with them was a challenge. A Simple but unique approach was required.

About The Project

«The biggest challenge was to catch up with the performance on the field. The dated website and brand were antipodes to the field sales.»

About The Project

The Result: A Beautiful

Responsive & Simple Website

After brainstorming market trends, benchmarking with competition, iMyDigital team came up with the idea of a video banner on the home page. A full screen video banner optimised for super quick content delivery would leave a great impact to the user. The leadership team were excited with the video banner idea. The SolisWorld team assisted with a great video shoot done using World Class photographers , equipment and drones… The Result – World class content delivered on a Simple and Intuitive website.

About The Project

Beautiful, Functional &


The website was clean with white spaces around, decluttered and instead the old “ Photo Shopped” Banners, the video banner was way cooler…The user could easily navigate through products , fill in forms to apply as a distributors, know about the management and the company. The website itself was a complete brand transformation

About The Project

Functional, Intuitive & 


The user could easily navigate through various products. Filters like Brand filters, Horsepower filters and Applications filters assisted a user to easily select the product they were looking for. Moreover each product has key attributed defined via illustrations, a cool product banner for each product and information on what additional attachments and implement would fit with the product.

About The Project

«After endless cups of Tea with the Solis team and brainstorming, endless travel to the Solis team offices” An intuitive, uber and World Class website was Live ..{ The website truly reflected the brand and product strength of Solis and Sonalika }»