About The Project


1 Tea Spoon of Activated Carbon has a surface area equivalent to the size of a football field ….Sounds unrealistic but is true…

Once Charcoal is activated – the millions of micro and macro pores create large surface areas – large enough to purify, decolorise and deodorise the contaminants existing in our eco system.

Well we all know how simple is making charcoal but once activated it is a highly complex molecule. The complexity makes the selection of activated carbon highly complex. To help you choose the best activated carbon for your application and make sure your purification costs and quality control are aligned to organisation goals – UCI Carbons builds, executes and supplies tailor-made solutions.



Web & App


The Makeover

UCI Carbons has been in the carbon business for over 30 years. While the products, technologies and the systems had evolved over time – a brand makeover was imperative to signify the shift of UCI from an ordinary activated carbon supplier to a “Market leader in Purification Technology”.

Activated Carbon sells via the B2B channels – A slick and informative brochure, branded stationary, a new professional looking business card layout and a logo speaking about the business was critical for the brand makeover.

To undergo the the transformation – our team understood the core values and strengths of UCI Carbons. Professional photo-shoots of facilities , branding their popular products and graphic illustrations to exhibit the water tight quality control and quality systems helped us come up with a range of marketing collaterals including a fully responsive website.


In today’s scenario the sales cycle starts when someone visits your website and ends up connecting with your company.

iMyDigital’s search marketing team made a deep plunge on the Search Ecosystem of Activated Carbon.

The deep dive resulted in some surprising results. Activated Charcoal, What is Activated Carbon, PAC, GAC were widely searched on the major search engines and some of their competition was leveraging search marketing and adwords extensively.

The results led to building a fully responsive website with optimised products and keywords.
UCI now has a fully responsive website.

Following iMyDigital’s mantra of “Less is more” – the website is neat, clean but functional . A special feature called “ Application Selector” helps the user select his / her industry and choose the best and most suitable product for their industry.


The application selector is a true example of how 30 years of experience have seamlessly combined with simple and intuitive technology. The fully optimised website has helped the search marketing team to quickly execute their search engine marketing strategy.
The makeover exercise has helped UCI a 14% increase in enquiry levels and some of them just got converted into sales.