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The Concept, The Client &

The Challenge

Vinsak has B2B model to acquire customers. Like most B2B businesses Exhibitions and Summits serve a great place for Vinsak to invite existing clients, potential clients and meet with associates and strategic partners of the industry. The high foot fall of relevant target audience serves as a platform for great Brand Reach and Recall. However to get people to your Booth on an exhibition stand when everyone has chalked out their own agenda and Routemap for the next 3 days of the exhibition is a challenge. Label Expo is one of the biggest and most meaningful events for Vinsak. The iMyDigital team has to Think, Design and Execute a campaign to make Vinsak’s exposure at the exhibition a success.

About The Project

«The biggest challenge was making a website that’s functionality and trends The biggest challenge was to make it clear for a user to understand what is Pet Club India . The user journey was not defined with all the clutter in the previous website. The code was “Declutter“.»

About The Project

The Strategy

Pet Products website with intuitive and mobile-friendly functionality.

The Vinsak and iMyDigital think-tanks huddled and came up with a concept to incentivise the visitor. So a neat email creative and an informational landing page about Vinsak , about the event and Vinsak at the event was created. To get to a busy exhibition to get past the long lines , get a day pass can be the most difficult part for a visitor. So we decided to arrange for a free pass to the exhibition for anyone who books a meeting slot with Vinsak .

The entire communication was focussed on assisting the visitor to book a meeting and get a free pass. Facebook, Email and Whatsapp Creatives were made by the iMyDigital design team

About The Project

Next Steps


Once the proof of concept and creatives were completed, the LinkedIN connections, Email Lists and Whatsapp lists were curated. Duplicates were removed, invalid emails were removed. The landing page about the event and Vinsak was created, optimised for SEO and Adwords. All the messages and emails were scheduled for a day wise delivery plan. Emails were scheduled in limited numbers of multiple batches spread for a month.

About The Project

The Result

Coming Soon !

About The Project

«After a lot of research and a lot of pixel-perfect design, we came up with this website – modern, intuitive, clean and simple..»