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Brand Identity and Design

For any business a logo, brand identity and a website is imperative to start and run operations. At iMyDigital we understand the nature of your business, your core values and mission and what you wish to communicate with your associates, customers and employees. This message is translated into a Brand Identity via logos, collaterals , websites and social media presence. We turn ideas into a visual identity with which people can recall or associate …

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Web and Mobile Development

We turn ideas into beautiful functional websites and mobile apps. We design and develop custom web applications across a broad range of technology platforms of operational excellence. We provide web designs keeping in mind to help the business project the perfect image on the web. Your website reflects your business protecting your business specialty and identity. At iMyDigital we create and simplify the platform which your business needs using new age digital tools. Get high-performance, profit-attracting and custom coding. Take your app ideas to a new level. Our talented web development team can serve you with great web applications. We use many latest web technologies such as PHP, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Android, Heroku, Ruby on Rails and Android Project Studio.

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360 Degrees Roadmap

You have an edge through our dedicated analytics team which arranges big data to work and uncover new opportunities for you to grow. Set up and customise tracking for websites, web and mobile apps, and internet connected devices. Build on top of Google Analytics with our simple and powerful APIs. Using advanced analytics – we deep dive into the ecosystem, your competitors activity in the digital world and come up with a 360 degrees plan to help you grow your business. Our custom reports help you understand what is working for you and what is not !

Where should you press the gas and where you should you pause …

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Marketing and Search

SEO & Analytics

Maximise your organic search visibility and reinforce your brand’s positioning in search results. Staying ahead of the competition is getting harder. We develop Digital Marketing with intelligence to help you reach globally. SEO isn’t a one time process like everything else regarding your website. It is a challenge that needs continuous and sharp focus on the changing trends and this needs maintenance of website analytics.

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Marketing and Social

Social Media & Communication

A few years back a brand communicated via Print Media and Television. In today’s scenario the communication has shifted to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest etc. A brand needs to have a clear strategy for each channel and effectively engage their target audience and customers via these social channels. iMyDigital helps in creating content buckets, content calendars, creatives and communication specific to each social channel. We customise the strategy with respect to your Goals, Competitions and Budgets.

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Adwords and Paid Campaigns

Receive More Visitors

Drive targeted visitors, attract the customers and clients you want to work with, and have more control over your budgets and bidding. Google, Facebook and other popular channels are key to driving targeted traffic to your website or asset. We understand the right target audience for your campaign and build a strategy map to ensure your achieve a high ROI on your spent. We focus on the Quality score of your landing page, the content and call to action on your Advertisement creative and keep a constant eye on what creative / campaign is working best for you.

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