Steps for DMOZ listings

Steps for DMOZ listings

DMOZ, also called Open Directory Project (ODP) is the most important directory. The business listed on DMOZ is used by Google and other search engines like AOL, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Blekko, Duckduckgo, Gigablast, Yandex, Yippy. When a person analyzes his website on some online platforms, it will tell about whether their website is on DMOZ or not. The next questions arise that what is this and how to get it done. So here is some help.


,Google the major search engine, consider Open Directory Project listings to be most important. It is very important for high rankings on SERP.


You must include your website on it, here are the steps for DMOZ listings :

–          Go to

Choose Right Category

After opening DMOZ, there you will find many categories related to different types of businesses. Select an appropriate category for your business. A deep research is required within categories to find out a proper place. Spend more time on searching and choosing a right category which will help you to get listed on DMOZ easily.


Doing Submission

When you are done with your category, go to it and click on “Submit Url” or “Add Url”.


Then it will ask for site Url, you need to add your Url to it. Be sure you are submitting homepage url. It is the requirement that you cannot submit multiple pages on it, it will be treated as spam. You have to just submit one url for one business i.e homepage, do not  resubmit that site with other pages ,that will results in rejection of your website.


Adding Titles

It’s a rule, that we have to write official name of our website in title section. We cannot use keywords in title.


Describe your website

Write a well deserved description for your website. Do not use promotional language in it otherwise your website will be rejected. Also do not stuff keywords in description, editors will spot the stuffing of keywords in description and will reject it.


For reference to write proper description you can check other websites descriptions  in that category . Take your time to write a good description as this is the most difficult part of DMOZ listings.


After this add a working email and submit your website. It will take a week to 6 months for the approval. Please be patient and wait. Do not submit your website again if you are not sure that your website has been disapproved. If your website is not approved for months and you did not want to wait more, you can contact the category editor. Just you have to tell them about some details like date of submission, category chosen and information written. They will respond to your feedback after that.


What not to do?


Automated Submission Software’s

Don’t ever think of automated software’s for submission of your website. These types of submissions are against the policy of DMOZ. Your website will be rejected and may be banned if you are continuing the use of these software’s for submission. Everything you have to do manually on it.
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